DFARS Assessment Service

Don’t wait – contact eResilience for a DFARS Assessment as soon as possible to see where you are and what is still needed for you to meet DFARS 7012 compliance requirements. eResilience will review the gaps that exist in your systems with respect to NIST 800-171 and other DFARS requirements, generate a Gap report and help you plan how to fill those gaps. Contracts awarded before Oct 1, 2017 require a DFARS 7012 gap report and a compliance plan to be submitted to your contracting officer within 30-days from the award.

DFARS Compliance Review includes:

  • Discovery of Systems/Security Controls
  • Development of DFARS Compliance Report
  • Generation of Compliance Gap Analyses
  • Development of Compliance Recommendations
  • DFARS Security Solution Options:
  • DFARS Security Compliance Solution
  • DFARS Security Advanced Solution
  • DFARS Security Cloud Options:
  • DFARS Security Compliance Cloud
  • DFARS Security Advanced Cloud